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Making your community a better place through play.

Sparks@Play offers exceptional products to enhance parks. Enhance your local or urban community park. Add a shelter to provide a comfortable place to eat with your family, shade to escape the rays or an amphitheater to watch your favorite local band with friends. Sparks@Play can help. Contact us today to learn more about ways to improve your local park.

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  • SkyWays® Hexagon, Single Layer 50' Diameter

    SkyWays® Hexagon, Single Layer 50' Diameter

    The SkyWays® Hexagon, Single Layer shade ups the design factor with its unique shape and use of color.

  • SkyWays® Hip (35'x35') Shade

    SkyWays® Hip (35'x35') Shade

    The SkyWays® Hip covers large spaces with a design that matches nearby structures.

  • SkyWays® Cantilever Single Post Pyramid (12'x12') Shade

    SkyWays® Cantilever Single Post Pyramid (12'x12') Shade

    Designed with a single post off to the side, Cantilever Single Post Pyramid Shades provide relief from the sun in small areas with limited mounting space.

  • SkyWays® Hexagon, Double Layer 35' Diameter

    SkyWays® Hexagon, Double Layer 35' Diameter

    Block even more sun with the overlapping panels of the SkyWays® Hexagon, Double Layer.

  • SkyWays® Hexagon, Double Layer 40' Diameter

    SkyWays® Hexagon, Double Layer 40' Diameter

    Everyone underneath the SkyWays® Hexagon, Double Layer stays cool and protected from the sun while appreciating the unique design aesthetic.

  • SkyWays® Hexagon, Single Layer 35' Diameter

    SkyWays® Hexagon, Single Layer 35' Diameter

    The SkyWays® Single Layer Hexagon shade offers an alternative shape to accommodate round areas. Either one or two colors of fabric can be used to complement the environment.

  • CoolToppers® Full Sail

    CoolToppers® Full Sail

    The CoolToppers® Full Sail is the flagship of the CoolToppers shade series!

  • CoolToppers® Pyramid (28'x28')

    CoolToppers® Pyramid (28'x28')

    Stay cool in the shade with the CoolToppers® Pyramid.

  • Wooden Structures

    Wooden Structures

    Stay cool in the shade with our selection of wooden shade structures.

  • Custom


    Some projects deserve a custom shade solution that matches the unique identity of the site. We work with both steel and fabric shade manufactures to give our clients the right custom solution for their space!

  • Fabric


    Fabric shade structures can bring a modern, sculptural feel to a space that needs a splash of color or refuge from the sun. Fabric shades also provide a cost-effective solution to odd-shaped spaces or tight areas. We partner with industry-leading manufacturers to provide our clients with standard, custom, and innovative fabric shade solutions.

  • Steel


    Steel structures add a sense of permanence and welcoming to a space. They provide a place to gather outside of the sun and rain for a single user, a small group, or for the community. Our steel structure manufacturers use the industry-leading building materials and methods to make sure each of our client’s structures look amazing for years to come.

  • Wooden


    Wooden structures provide a warm and natural aesthetic to every project. They are perfect for bandshells, pavilions, and focal points of a park. On projects where a wooden structure is a perfect fit, we work with the client and manufacturer to make sure it gets ordered and installed correctly.

  • Other


    Shelters come in all different shapes and sizes to fill very different needs. We work with our clients to find the right solution for the space they have and the challenge they are looking to solve.

  • New Products

    New Products

    New materials, designs, colors, and innovations for shade enter the market every year.

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