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Sparks@Play offers exceptional products to enhance play areas. When it comes to healthy kids and healthy communities, it’s not a question of wanting to do the right thing; it’s a question of how to do it. Statistics on obesity rates and negative lifestyle changes over generations illustrate the need for community changes and the importance of motivating kids to be active. Child development experts stress the need for play for all children to foster learning and positive growth in cognitive, physical, social, and emotional realms. Sparks@Play is dedicated to making a positive impact on the health of kids and communities with awesome outdoor experiences.

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    Experience our new modern, contemporary playground design with Forma™, an unscripted playground experience.

  • Forma™ Swing Frame

    Forma™ Swing Frame

    The clean, angular design of the Forma Swing Frame adds visual interest to any play setting. Seats with chains and fasteners are sold separately.

  • Forma™ Alpine® Slide

    Forma™ Alpine® Slide

    The Forma Alpine Slide makes sliding more inclusive! An easy-to-traverse belting ramp makes it easy to reach the slide and then swoop back down to the ground along the slide’s banking curve. An accessible table and seats underneath the slide add bonus play to the space.

  • Forma™ Giggle Jiggler® Climber

    Forma™ Giggle Jiggler® Climber

    Little ones love to balance and shimmy on the Forma Giggle Jiggler Climber. A floating Hourglass panel and wood-grain stepper add extra activities for sensory and active play.

  • Forma™ SlideWinder2® Slide

    Forma™ SlideWinder2® Slide

    A belting ramp makes it easy get to the top of the Forma SliderWinder2 Slide, no matter how you choose to move. Then the slide whooshes back to the ground, curving back toward the entry point. Sliding fun for everyone! Plus, an accessible table and seats add opportunity for imaginative play

  • Forma™ Sol™ Spinner

    Forma™ Sol™ Spinner

    The Forma Sol Spinner provides the valuable spinning motion kids need for healthy growth and development. Plus, it's just plain fun! Like other Forma products, this one also includes a sensory element in the form of a Rain Sound Wheel Panel and a step to perch on or jump to the next activity.

  • Footprint™ Wobble Bouncer

    Footprint™ Wobble Bouncer

    The Footprint Wobble Bouncer matches the aesthetic of the Forma product line, but provides wiggly, bouncy fun! Great for solo or collaborative play.

  • Footprint™ Stepper 8",16",24""

    Footprint™ Stepper 8",16",24""

    The Footprint Steppers enhance discovery and exploration on the playground. They fit perfectly into your Forma™ playground design. Footprint Steppers also available in 16" and 24" heights.

  • Fortress™ Multi-Climber

    Fortress™ Multi-Climber

    With climbing challenges of varying difficulty, the Fortress Multi-Climber offers something for everyone. The asymmetrical shapes, unique angles, and mix of materials create play that looks and feels like nothing else.

  • Inclusive Play

    Inclusive Play

    Everyone plays! Play is meant to be experienced by everyone of all abilities, ages, and backgrounds. We collaborate with occupational therapists, inclusive play designers, and local experts to create the best inclusive, multi-generational play spaces.

  • Custom Play

    Custom Play

    Turn your unique vision into a reality! A custom playground can complement the character of a site to create a one-of-a-kind, memorable play experience. Our custom designers and engineers consult with our clients to find original solutions for their spaces.

  • Sensory Play

    Sensory Play

    Stimulate the senses! Sensory play is vital for physical and cognitive development. We consult with occupational therapists to ensure our sensory play spaces engage a child’s mind without over stimulation.

  • Nature Inspired

    Nature Inspired

    Who doesn’t love nature? Exposing children to nature teaches them about the environment and natural processes. Our team of designers have experience integrating natural and manufactured materials to create engaging, compliant, and sustainable spaces.

  • Contemporary Play

    Contemporary Play

    Have you seen the latest innovations in play? Communities are looking for more challenging, unique, engaging, and universal types of play. Our product development team is constantly bringing new and exciting innovations to the industry. We are always excited to show what’s new in the world of play!

  • Traditional Play

    Traditional Play

    It’s the simple pleasures in life. Classic forms that meet modern standards. The products we use allow us to provide traditional play experiences in an engaging way that keep kids coming back for more!

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